Spiritual Chaos

I decided it is time to get back to this blog. I started it with a purpose so I am not going to give up. One of the reasons I started this was because I have such strong ideas, theories, and opinions. I needed a place to put it all and journaling was not enough anymore. I needed to be able to share.

I remember when I first started with Facebook. It was basically pictures of happy families, very superficial and vague posts, friendly chatting, and an occasional “selfie”. That was social media. I have watched it transform into another portal , used for good or evil. What better platform for a spiritual battle than the internet?

I still see a lot of happy , cute, loving photos of families. There is still love, support, raising awareness, and a place for old friends to reunite. There is also an unsettling amount of anger, hate, destitute, and people crying for help. We also all want to be heard. Personally, I give up trying to change anyone’s opinion about anything. I respect their right to think, and communicate how they see fit. What we have forgotten is that we are still all connected.

Society is going downhill. We are being played, manipulated, and led to believe that someone in the government is ever going to make our lives better. They are not. The government is a system designed to control the masses. They may throw a bone now and then to appease , but their primary purpose is to maintain power. They know exactly how to play the masses. First , they lead us to believe that we actually have a say in who or how the country is run. Then they use the media, Hollywood, and of course the internet to spread false news and information.

They plant seeds to turn us against each other, and to DISTRACT us. From what? Well from the fact that these systems are set up to program , control, and enslave the masses. There is so much corruption, lies, and deception it is unreal. How do I know? I don’t have tangible evidence. I do have incredible intuition. I do get downloads of information. For years I have explored my theories and came across an entire population who believe the same things! That proved to me that I was not crazy or delusional.

The rabbit hole is deep and unnerving. I would recommend watching “The Family” on Netflix. It is a documentary explaining how religion and the government are intertwined. The Catholic church is very, very powerful.

This brings me back to Facebook. I see so many suffering lately. It really is heartbreaking. I have been there and still get there on occasion. I call it the” Dark Place.” PLEASE try to connect spiritually. Whatever your belief system is, use it! When we feel alone it’s because we have blocked out our spiritual connection. Meditation and Yoga is amazingly therapeutic!

This post may seem a little all over the place. It sort of is. LOL. I write how my mind thinks. As you see FOCUS is not my strong point. Haha. Actually, this stuff all ties in together. It’s just a big mess. Life is a big mess ❤ Thank you for reading!

Published by Nicole

I am a 41 year old Mother of teenagers. After my life took an unexpected turn, I felt I had lost much of my purpose. Instead of allowing myself to sit in that despair, I decided there must be another purpose. I have a constant download of information that comes from my guides. I believe that information is meant to be shared. I have never blogged, or have experience with building a website. Actually, I am quite challenged when it comes to technology! However, I know I will be guided in order to share this information. I had an awakening six years ago and it has been a roller coaster ever since. I hope that by spreading my truth, it may vibe with my readers frequency as well. By matching frequencies we can bring light to all those whom need it. I will always believe the answer is love and light.

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