A Little About Me

“Who Looks Outside, Dreams; Who Looks Inside, Awakes”
Carl Jung

First of all I should tell you that I am not a prolific writer. I am not computer Savvy. I am not an expert of anything. You may be asking yourself what I am doing starting a blog when I am basically clueless. (haha).

Well, I will start by telling you I have overcome many obstacles in this lifetime. I am almost 42 years old and life has not always been kind. I am not going to tell you my sad story, because we all have one of those. Those hard times made me search for answers. I was getting lost in the dark and needed to find the light. I needed to embark on a spiritual journey in order to save myself… from myself. I struggled with addiction for as long as I can remember. Addiction and Spirituality often go hand in hand. I have also been an empath my entire life. I did not know this as a child. I only knew that I was called “over sensitive” because I cried easily. I could sense things about people, and places. I had intense emotions and did not understand where they came from. As I grew up I began to understand what an empath entails, and how other people’s energy affects me. It can be overwhelming, suffocating, and relentless at times. I had a spiritual awakening almost six years ago. With this awakening I became increasingly inquisitive. I also became aware that everything I have been taught is a lie. I questioned why we are here, how we are connected, what other entities are there , and why society is failing. This is where I learned that I am Clairsentient and Claircognizant. This means I have a feeling and a knowing. This leads me to the reason for my blog.

What is ” Nicole Vibes” about?

  • I hope to share my truth , my theories, my story. Hopefully, by sharing I can help someone else who feels alone.
  • Through my blog, I will be telling my story. It all ties together so it must be told. I believe we ALL have a story that is worthy of telling. I hope you can relate to mine.
  • We all have healing, and forgiving to work on. At least I do. Through this blog I hope to see how my dark times led to the light.
  • My mind never stops. Never! I do have journals among journals filled but I am ready to share with the world.

To summarize what I will be blogging about is difficult. I am a free thinker, a truth seeker, and a lightworker. I will be blogging about whatever is on my mind. I hope to connect with other like minded individuals. Thank you for taking the time to read my very first blog! Much Love to You ❤ Nicole

Published by Nicole

I am a 41 year old Mother of teenagers. After my life took an unexpected turn, I felt I had lost much of my purpose. Instead of allowing myself to sit in that despair, I decided there must be another purpose. I have a constant download of information that comes from my guides. I believe that information is meant to be shared. I have never blogged, or have experience with building a website. Actually, I am quite challenged when it comes to technology! However, I know I will be guided in order to share this information. I had an awakening six years ago and it has been a roller coaster ever since. I hope that by spreading my truth, it may vibe with my readers frequency as well. By matching frequencies we can bring light to all those whom need it. I will always believe the answer is love and light.

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